Come Get Your NaNoBuddies!

Doing NaNoWriMo this year? There’s no need to do it alone. Come buddy up with the deceptionists and all your podcast listening friends. Comment to this post with your NaNo Username or a link to your profile. I’ll come back in and update the list as I find time amid all the things I’m doing to distract myself from my 1667/day word count goals :)

I’ll even put up some fancy widgets once they come online. If you’d rather not see your word count on the leaderboard, just let me know and I’ll take you off. LIkewise, if you’ve buddied up with me and I haven’t added you to this list, don’t take it personally. I’m just dense. Shoot me an email or a tweet and I’ll get you added.

Have a great November and may the word count be ever in your favor!

The Deceptionists:
Jim (who is probably doing it, but doesn’t want to be all public about it)
(Caroline is sitting this one out, but still using the month to focus on writing goals)

The Peanut Gallery:
(Special Guest Star) Sigrid

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5 Responses to “Come Get Your NaNoBuddies!”

  1. WeaklyRoll says:

    I’ll be attempting to reach 50,000, though i doubt i will get there. I have been trouble setting my plot up, but hopefully on the “write” track now. My user name is WeaklyRoll, but you can call me Kyle.

    Good luck everyone; i wish you the best.

  2. Chris L says:

    Hope everyone’s first week is going well. Mine has been a bit of a roller coaster; Day 2 was awful, Day 3 was ace, otherwise I’ve been pretty much sticking to a 1667 word schedule.

    I’m finding my preparation was a bit off this year; I invested heavily in the plot, but very little in the characters, so I’m only really discovering what they are like now. Didn’t like my protagonist for the whole of the first chapter, but I’m making him a bit more rounded now.

    Stick with it, WriMos – Week 2 might get a bit hairy! ;o)

  3. Christopher K Lewis says:

    Yay! Just crossed the halfway mark!

  4. Christopher K Lewis says:

    40k. Whew – what a struggle. Schedule totally thrown by a week away at a conference, so it’s all been catch-up from here.
    Good Luck and Brave Heart to all for the last few days…

  5. Made it by the skin of my teeth. Not the finest piece of writing I have ever done (and my story is really only half-told) but 50k feels like an accomplishment in a month where work and home life were very busy.

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