The Deceptionists Episode 016 – NaNoWriMo

Fuzzy Typewriter proudly presents The Deceptionists: Truth through Fiction!

In this episode Caroline, Kelly,  Jim and Dave discuss NaNoWriMo — National Novel Writing Month! Plus, Dave shares details on his new Kickstarter project and asks for your help!

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The Deceptionists

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Pledging My Time by Bob Dylan
There is No Time by Lou Reed

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5 Responses to “The Deceptionists Episode 016 – NaNoWriMo”

  1. WeaklyRoll says:

    Very excited for this episode. I just registered for NanoWriMo on Friday and can’t wait to hear what tips, tricks and what you guys have to say.

  2. Julia L says:

    Thanks for responding to my question. The momentum thing is something I’m struggling with, big time. December 1st I tend to say “take a break” after the long month, but then I put off reading the novel again.

    I blogged a bit about my Nano experiences and some advice. I’ll echo what Kelly says about the wordcount/ Excel spreadsheet. It’s wonderful for tracking how you’re doing and where you need to be. I’ve done the catching up after a day off — it isn’t pretty, folks, but it can be done if you hack away a little at a time. I tend to need to write something early in the day, even if it’s just a few hundred words, so I’m not trying to do everything when I get home from work. Depends on how fast you write. I have also been known to ignore the “don’t edit” suggestions — if some scene/line is stopping you, cut it and try again. Sometimes you just need another approach.

    I am very happy to offer moral/cheerleading support as well on Nano site or twitter. The community aspect is a reason I love both Nano & Deceptionists.

  3. Chris Lewis says:

    Great episode. Although I don’t know Dave, he was certainly one of my ‘pacemakers’ in 2009, so I’m sorry he won’t be keeping me on my toes this November!
    Like Julia, I find that getting up a couple of hours earlier in the morning and getting a few hundred words in really helps. I try to prune back my schedule as much as possible, but I allow myself “slow days” where I know work is going to be busy, with catch up days at weekends or days off.
    Like Jim, I tend to edit as I go along. Terrible for the “word wars” my regions Municipal Liaisons seem so keen on, but I need to know I’m not writing utter b*llocks!

    It looks like the Writing Buddies bit of the Nano site is still offline, but if you would like to be my buddy for mutual support, my username there (and also on Twitter) is ceekayell

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  5. m.i.milkman says:

    just got back from vacation and havent listened to the show yet but i’m excited too. i did this a few years back and failed miserably but nothing like over spending on a vacation to make you want to hole up in a room and cut yourself off from all temptation. i didnt even know about the NaNo buddy thing, thats a cool idea. i’m such a slow typer that i think i’d through my buddy into fits. good luck people.

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