The Deceptionists Episode 017 – Clusterf—

Fuzzy Typewriter proudly presents The Deceptionists: Truth through Fiction!

In this episode Caroline, Kelly,  Jim and Dave talk about what happens when you get into a Cluster-F.U.C.! (That’s “Fiction Under Construction,” you know.)

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The Deceptionists

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Won’t Give Up without a Fight by Eli “Paperboy” Reed And The True Loves
Don’t Give Up on Me by Solomon Burke

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4 Responses to “The Deceptionists Episode 017 – Clusterf—”

  1. Julia L says:

    I’ve been in the middle of Nanowrimo as well and I’ve had my own classic cluster&%$^. This is actually pretty standard for me. I write for a week and realize “whoops that’s not the approach I wanted to take”. Good thing is I’m getting better at realizing it now, rather than driving down Jim’s cul-de-sac. The difference with me is that I edit. Or rather what I do is cannibalize and rewrite. I’ve taken whole scenes or sections and rewritten them with the different mindset in mind, yes even during Nano. If I can delete a section and wind up writing more words to replace them, I think that’s a win.

    For my current Nano, what happened was I wrote a lovely prologue and two very talky Council scenes in the Brian Michael Bendis sit-around-a-table-and-talk school of writing. The backstory was necessary for setting up who the players are and why my main character is the eventual choice, but the way I was conveying it was *boring*, especially two chapters in a row. This situation lines up with what I mentioned in my comment/question. It’s an either/or a lot of the time for me – heavy on exposition or heavy on dialogue. One of the tips/suggestions I’d received was having characters do something while they’re talking so there’s a better mix and I fail miserably at it. There’s very little action/movement when they’re talking. I solved my quandary by actually junking a good chunk of my talky scenes and *gasp* starting over. I know that doesn’t work for everyone.

    I’m still about a day behind in my writing but I am feeling better about the approach.

  2. Caroline Pruett says:

    Good thoughts, Julia, thanks! While it’s not NaNo, the long story that I’m writing starts with the POV character getting to a place, and reflecting on how they got to the place, and then there are all these discussions about the reasons she’s at the place. So I recently had a eureka moment that I can actually wind the story backwards and SHOW the events that took her to where she is, and spend less time explaining it. That was counterintuitive to me, because I have usually subscribed to the “arrive as late as possible” philosophy of storytelling, but in this case, if I’m putting so much energy/emphasis on the prior scene, that’s telling me it should have been where I started in the first place. Not exactly the same as rewriting, but I am going back earlier than my beginning and that will probably result in deleting a lot of the ‘reflecting’ chunk that I already have.

  3. Sarah R says:

    Jim is right.

    There may be exceptions, but, in general, Jim is right.

  4. m.i.milliman says:

    Yep. Jim is right. I use November as an excuse to right every month but I think NANO is a flawed system of writing. It’s hart is in the right place, but still, it’s flawed. This is my second attempt at it and I’m finding the only porpuse it serves is to get me to write every day. Which isn’t so bad.

    Loved the episode though. It spoke to exactly what I’m going through right now, stuck and finding out that I need to rewrite a whole lot.

    Loved the thought on action. Sometimes when I’m stuck I just write the first action that comes to me and see where it takes me. I don’t often use the action itself but I’ve used the result more often than not and gone back and fine tuned what needs it… If that makes any sense. Most notably is a subplot involving a cow that I wrote as a joke and ended up being very important to the story. So there’s that.

    So I’m back at square one now with my story but I’ll be using large chunks of what was already written and keep writing everyday and hopefully in a few months I’ll have a solid first draft to work from.

    Love the podcast people and thanks for the help. Good luck with your projects.

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