The Deceptionists Episode 020 — Revision

Fuzzy Typewriter proudly presents The Deceptionists: Truth through Fiction!

In this episode Caroline, Dave, Kelly, and Jim talk about revision, and how to really get to the end of what you’re working on.

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The Deceptionists

Music on this episode:

Changing All Those Changes by Nick Lowe
Fix You Up by Tegan and Sara

Read Sigrid Ellis’ story, “No Return Address,” which was discussed on this episode!


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2 Responses to “The Deceptionists Episode 020 — Revision”

  1. Slobberknocker says:

    Youall should have a forum conected to this site. I just found your podcasts and listened to them all in one week. Now I would like to discuss the show.know your on twitter but I can’t bring myself to use twitter. I don’t write yet but I have always wanted to.

  2. Adron says:

    I enjoyed this – always interesting to hear different approaches to the craft. I’ve written first drafts on paper to move quickly and avoid constant mid-stream editing, as Jim is prone to. I find the analog method very liberating (though hand cramp inducing). Lately, though, I mostly outline (in Evernote) before diving into the writing. It’s more structured, but less fun.

    Like Caroline, for me a big part of revision is paring down the words. I trim as many as possible, until all that’s left is what’s strictly necessary. Th process can be grueling, but it’s so satisfying to achieve a great turn of phrase with an economy of words.

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