The Deceptionists Episode 021 — Why We Build Worlds

Fuzzy Typewriter proudly presents The Deceptionists: Truth through Fiction!

In this episode Caroline, Dave, Kelly, and Jim talk begin our series on world-building, as we define our terms and talk about WHY we build worlds! Also: Archaia’s “World-Building” panel at C2E2.

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The Deceptionists

Music on this episode:

I’m Gonna Change the World by The Animals
I’m not Living in the Real World by Belle and Sebastian

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2 Responses to “The Deceptionists Episode 021 — Why We Build Worlds”

  1. m.i.milkman says:

    Good to hear you guys/gals again. Soooo, yeah. What Dave said. I think its just as important to know why your writing something as to know what your writing about. Its one thing to build a great set, but if the characters are just running around in it, it’s pretty useless as a whole. I’m for world building as a starting point, but mapping it all out becomes a colossal waist of my time. Then there is no exploration to be had and potentially no growth either. But that just me and there is no one right way. Thanks for the mind candy.

  2. Christopher K Lewis says:

    Great episode again.
    I have to confess that to me, world-building is the guilty pleasure before the hard slog of writing begins.
    I love the research of making a feasible world for my story. History, Geography, politics – everything needs to slot together reasonably before I’m completely happy to go.
    However, past Nano experience has taught me that to really make my writing flow, I also need to have thought through the relationships between my main characters.
    As M.I. says above, a great setting is wonderful texture for the book. But it’s the characters & their relationships that are the heart of the piece.

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