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Caroline Pruett has a  Master of Fine Arts degree in Fiction Writing from George Mason University and has taught Creative Writing courses on several occasions.  She is variously obsessed with female superheroes, Shakespeare’s history plays, and the songs of Bruce Springsteen, topics she is convinced will eventually cohere into a unified theory of everything.  Meanwhile, she lives in the borderlands between the mid-Atlantic and the South and blogs about comic books for
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Los Angeles-based scribe Dave Accampo studied English and Creative writing at San Francisco State University, where he was first published in the Transfer literary journal. He has worked as a copywriter, video producer, graphic designer, and marketing executive. In 2005 he co-founded Habit Forming Films, LLC., an independent media company. Under the HFF umbrella, he has written, produced, and/or directed three films, which have won awards in various film festivals. Along with creative partner Jeremy Rogers, Dave created and produced the critically-acclaimed and award-winning audio series, Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery. He also co-hosts Fuzzy Typewriter, a podcast about stories and storytellers, with his friend Paul Montgomery.
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From his lair on the banks of the Mississippi, Jim sends out regular dispatches for while glaring and pawing at a misshapen pile of short stories and NaNoWriMo remnants. He leaves behind him a string of editorial jobs and bad poems at his schools’ literary magazines, an ancient, hand-coded proto-blog dating back to the nineties, and a couple of lightly used diplomas. Professionally, he has written countless pages of marketing copy, which is close enough to fiction to qualify him for this conversation.
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The only daughter of transient workers who loved to road-trip across the midwest on a monthly basis, Kelly discovered the dual pleasures of reading and writing. When her well-meaning high school guidance counselors suggested she choose Nursing or Physical Therapy as a career path, she showed them what she was made of by getting her own “useless” degrees in Education and Theatre. It wasn’t until a few years ago that she considered writing as something people did “for real.” Since then she’s been actively pursing a career as a copywriter while taking her novel-writing past time a bit more seriously.
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Philly native Paul Montgomery holds a B.S. (yes, truly) in Screenwriting and Playwriting from Drexel University, where he interned for The Painted Bride Quarterly. He currently writes for Philadelphia Weekly and the comic discussion site Along with David Accampo, he co-hosts Fuzzy Typewriter, a podcast dedicated to story, storytellers, art and artists. The two also collaborated on Wormwood: a serialized mystery, a podcast drama David co-created with Jeremy Rogers. Paul’s primary writing interests include crime fiction, magic realism, and voice.

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